French Doors

French doors bring a classic, continental feel to your home.

Create a warm, inviting social area with our French doors

The traditional French door design is an enduring and popular favourite in modern homes as well as in older properties.

The benefits of installing French doors are clear: the fact that there is no central mullion means the doors open into a wide, unobstructed space, filling the room with air and light and offering an uninterrupted view. Aluplast Windows & Doors French doors combine a lightness of design – the modern UPVC frame is kept to a minimum, maximising the amount of light passing through – with complete security.

State-of-the-art performance

You need to be able to buy with confidence when purchasing French doors. We give you that confidence by supplying you with an extensive guarantee, in the unlikley event that anything should go wrong with the doors in the future. We are sure that you wiull have no issues, but if you do, it’s nice to know that a guarantee is there that we will resolve any problems experienced. You have our guarantee that our French doors are of the finest quality.


Colours of all kinds

You may want the colour you choose for your French doors to ensure it grabs all the attention in your garden or prefer them to blend in with the finish applied to your existing windows and doors.

We cater for both scenarios as our colour range is broad and extensive with all your classic colours combined with contemporary favourites. Two colours may be better than one in some cases for those who want contrasting finishes internally and externally.

Enhance Your Space

French doors come in a surprising array of styles and the type of home you live in should determine which style will make the biggest impression.

Decide between an outward or inward opening as a starting point and then you can settle on whether you have a French door with a high proportion of e.g. stained glass, clear glass or frosted glass or smaller window design.

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