Composite Doors

modern materials and performance with traditional looks

The door of choice in the home improvement market.

Composite doors are made from a very smart material called glass-reinforced plastic, or GRP. This is a particular type of plastic that has been reinforced with fine glass fibres.

The result is a lightweight material with incredible strength and resilience. Perfect, in other words, for a strong, hardwearing door that combines good looks and elegance with all the protection you need. Because of its unique durability, those good looks will last for years to come.

State-of-the-art performance

Composite doors won’t warp, expand or contract in different conditions – so you’ll never have to worry about draughts or an ill fit. As you’d expect, all composite doors are made to measure, matching your requirements exactly, and they’re available in a range of colours and styles so they will blend in with their surroundings whether you live in a vintage property or a contemporary home.

Our high specification composite doors feature through colour GRP skins bonded with a thermally efficient CFC free foam core with a strong wooden frame to anchor the hardware.


High Security Composite Doors

Home security is an increasing concern for homeowners and understandably so. No-one should fear leaving their home empty or when locking up last thing at night, and they won’t have to when fitting our composite doors.

They have the very latest secure locking mechanisms that when properly locked, stay locked!

Styles and colours to suit every taste

Your home deserves the most fabulous of finishes, Tastes have definitely broadened and become more sophisticated in recent years and we have responded by extending the number of colour options available for our doors.

You can be bold, daring and audacious with your colour choice or opt to be reserved and classy when selecting from our ever growing selection of woodgrain effects, accent colours and fashionable shades. Just be sure to pick a colour that matches the architectural styling of your home and its surroundings.

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