Add value to your existing property and an exciting environment for all the family.

Stylish, attractive and versatile conservatory range

A new conservatory will certainly change the way you live uour life at home.

Because our conservatories are built to the same levels of heat retention and energy efficiency as our doors and windows, they provide additional living space that can be used throughout the year, in all seasons and all weathers. No matter the size or shape of your conservatory, you’ll find yourself making the most of this brand new room – whether you use it for entertaining, relaxing, working or everyday living. And the additional space will expand your property without the cost, fuss or mess caused by a traditional extension.

State-of-the-art performance

Our conservatories are versatile and adaptable. When a home extension gets too cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer, responsibility lies with the roofing system.

A thermally efficient roof covering will appropriately regulate the internal temperature throughout the year so that you can use your conservatory or orangery in guaranteed comfort as and when you choose. When adding a solid roof to a conservatory, remember that you can incorporate roof windows into the design to make up for any loss of light.


Huge Range

Not only can you choose the size and layout of your new conservatory, but you can decide which colour and finish would best suit your home and pick every final detail you require, from the type of glazing to the decorative flourishes and features.

Our conservatories offer elegant living space combined with a timeless appearance that complements properties old and new. Whatever you will be using this space for – be it work, rest or play – it will be a prestigious and desirable addition to your home.

High Quality Materials

For your home extension to be successfully utilised as a lavish living area or delectable dining room it helps to accessorise the space accordingly.

Considerations may include everything from the type of flooring chosen to a means of illuminating the space once darkness falls. When striving to use your conservatory or orangery as a connecting link between your home and garden, why not incorporate patio, French or bi-folding doors into the design.

Available in a wide range of styles

Increase your floor space and enhance the exterior of your home simultaneously



The Edwardian conservatory style is more subdued compared to its traditional counterparts, the Gable and the Victorian conservatory. Clean, understated and classic, this timeless style will blend seamlessly with your property.



If you are looking for a traditional British design, then your eyes will be inevitably drawn to the Victorian conservatory. Another traditional design, this elegant style is octagonal in shape and is multi-faceted. It is incredibly popular across the UK.



The lean-to conservatory is simple in design and contemporary in appearance. This design is extremely versatile and can be adapted for all types of properties including bungalows and terraced houses.



Grand in appearance, the gable conservatory will add a touch of class to any property. This traditional conservatory design captures a stately feel and is often suited to properties of a larger scale, particularly period homes.



The Bespoke conservatory combines a lean-to conservatory with a Victorian conservatory. This combination style is a multi-faceted design which is ideally suited to larger properties.



Our orangeries combine the best of both worlds, with the light and glass of a conservatory and the walls and ceiling of an extension.

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